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Welcome to Rififi

Hello everyone my Name is Bruna Coppola.

Almost 7 years ago i created my jewelry line Rififi. Two years ago i became a mother of a beautiful boy..so i decided to take a small break and concentrate to this new beautiful journey...but now I'm back!!!

So here I am to explain my collection all hand made by me.

My inspiration for this spring summer collection comes from the sea and the ocean. Grew up in Rome in a town super close to the beach so my main objective its to recreate those feelings and exploring that beautiful extension of water.

My collection is called "Sea Shine"

Sea Shine wants to recreate the sun that touch the ocean. the reflection of that light so bright but so cold in its shades. A mix of pure white gold and silver a gives a transparent feelings and a fresh splash.

I hope this can spark a small interest in you and be part of the story of my line.